Despair is not an option

Source: The American Prospect
by Randall Kennedy

"Devotees of racial justice continue to be appalled by the Trump administration. Heather Heyer, the anti-racist demonstrator murdered in Charlottesville, was right: 'If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.' A great many Americans, especially African Americans, are in a mood of despair upon witnessing a president of the United States winking at neo-Confederates, neo-Nazis, and Ku Klux Klansmen, and doing everything in his power to expunge the achievements of his predecessor, a man who came to be known less for his race than for his decency, dignity, and honor. Yet despair is not an option. And in fact, good people of all races are putting their anger to good use through activism on the ground. Sometimes, though, their efforts are taken for granted and receive too little praise even within their own camp." (09/20/17)

Report: Iran group hacks aviation, petrochemical industries

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

"A group of hackers suspected of working in Iran for its government is targeting the aviation and petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and South Korea, a cybersecurity firm warned Wednesday. The report by FireEye also said the suspected Iranian hackers left behind a new type of malware that could have been used to destroy the computers it infected, an echo of two other Iran-attributed cyberattacks targeting Saudi Arabia in 2012 and 2016 that destroyed systems. Iran's office at the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday and its state media did not report on the claims. However, suspected Iranian hackers long have operated without caring if people found it was them or if there would be consequences, making them incredibly dangerous, said Stuart Davis, a director at one of FireEye's subsidiaries." (09/20/17)

Electric Libertyland, episode 38

Electric Libertyland

Source: Lions of Liberty

"In this week’s episode of Electric Libertyland, host Brian McWilliams gives his take on the Trumpian circle-jerk that was the 2017 Emmy Awards, and how politics and entertainment need to take a break from each other. He then turns towards more serious topics including the utter failure of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing programs, the GOP’s last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare (kind of) with the Graham-Cassidy plan, the state of the 1st Amendment, new climate research and an idiotic idea in the UK to limit voting rights based on internet trolling." [various formats] (09/20/17)

Quantum Vibe, 09/20/17

Source: Big Head Press
by Scott Bieser & Lea Jean Badelles

Cartoon. (09/20/17)

Afghanistan again? The American military’s repetition-compulsion complex

Source: TomDispatch
by Ann Jones

"Here we go again! Years after most Americans forgot about the longest war this country ever fought, American soldiers are again being deployed to Afghanistan. For almost 16 years now, at the command of three presidents and a sadly forgettable succession of generals, they have gone round and round like so many motorists trapped on a rotary with no exit. This time their numbers are officially secret, although variously reported to be 3,500 or 4,000, with another 6,000-plus to follow, and unknown numbers after that. But who can trust such figures? After all, we just found out that the U.S. troops left behind in Afghanistan after President Obama tried to end the war there in 2014, repeatedly reported to number 8,400, actually have been 'closer to 12,000' all this time. The conflict, we’re told, is at present a 'stalemate.' We need more American troops to break it, in part by 'training' the Afghan National Army so its soldiers can best their Taliban countrymen plus miscellaneous 'terrorist' groups. In that way, the U.S. military — after only a few more years of 'the foreseeable future' in the field — can claim victory. But is any of this necessary? Or smart? Or even true?" (09/19/17)

OK: Cop murders deaf man

Source: Chicago Tribune

"Oklahoma City police officers who opened fire on a man who was approaching them holding a metal pipe apparently didn't hear witnesses yelling that the man was deaf, the department said Wednesday. Police Capt. Bo Mathews said 35-year-old Magdiel Sanchez wasn't obeying the officers' commands before one shot him with a gun and the other with a Taser on Tuesday night. He said witnesses were yelling 'he can't hear you' before the officers fired, but the officers didn't hear them. Sanchez died at the scene. The officer who fired the gun, Sgt. Chris Barnes, has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation." (09/20/17)

Wabbit season — or duck responsibility season?

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"Venezuelans are starving. The country’s children are malnourished and — if something is not done soon — 'it will be very difficult for these children ever to get back onto their nutritional growth curve.' That is the testimony of the director of Caritas Venezuela. Clearly, 'Bolivarian' socialism has failed. And yet, dictator Nicolas Maduro blames American 'sanctions' for 'exacerbating' the situation." (09/20/17)

Fed to shrink assets next month, boost rates by year-end

Source: Bloomberg

"Federal Reserve officials set an October start for shrinking their $4.5 trillion stockpile of assets, moving to unwind a pillar of their crisis-era support for the economy. They continued to forecast one more interest-rate hike later this year, saying storm damage will have only a temporary impact on the economy. … U.S. central bankers are counting on steady growth and low unemployment to raise inflation closer to their goal, which would support their policy of gradual tightening through interest-rate increases and a reversal of quantitative easing." (09/20/17)

Turkey: Erdogan claims Trump apologized to him for indictments of Erdogan's thugs

Source: Express Tribune [Pakistan]

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed US President Donald Trump called him to apologise for the indictment of 15 Turkish security officials in Washington earlier this year. In an interview with Judy Woodruff on PBS, Erdogan said Trump had called him a week ago to apologise and ensured to follow up on the incident. … The Turkish leader’s statement, however, was denied by a White House official who told the Guardian that the two leaders 'discussed a wide range of issues but there was no apology.' Earlier this month, a US grand jury indicted 19 people, including 15 Turkish security officials over a brawl described by Washington’s police chief as a brutal attack on peaceful demonstrations outside the Turkish ambassador’s resident in Washington in May." (09/20/17)

Intercepted, 09/20/17

Source: The Intercept

"This week on Intercepted, Jeremy weighs in on Trump’s threats and the massive military budget the Democrats just gave him. Journalist Gary Rivlin takes us deep inside the world of Goldman Sachs and how Trump’s top economic adviser helped fuel the subprime mortgage catastrophe that crashed the economy. Poet Aja Monet performs and discusses her ideas of justice, womanhood, and racism. The Intercept’s Alice Speri investigates the militarization of police and how Israel is training American cops. Plus, Donald Trump stars in American Psycho." [various formats] (09/20/17)