CEO resigns after firm admits paying armed groups in Syria

Source: CNN Money

"The chief executive of the world's largest cement maker will resign after the firm admitted to making payments to armed groups in Syria. Eric Olsen will step down as CEO of LafargeHolcim in July after an internal investigation found that managers at the company's plant in Syria made indirect payments to armed groups in 2013 and 2014 in order to keep the facility open. … The Swiss-French firm opened its plant in Syria in May 2010, before political unrest and civil war consumed the country. LafargeHolcim suffered resource shortages and its staff were harassed by armed groups as the conflict intensified. It said the payments — made via middlemen — were initiated by plant managers who believed they were acting in the firm's best interests." [editor's note: Nearly every company around the world does exactly the same thing, of course. It's called "paying taxes" – TLK] (04/24/17)

Why do we want a cooperative relationship with Russia?

Source: The American Conservative
by George D O'Neill Jr.

"For me and many others on the right, Russia is not the main focus, but a component of years of effort to advance a more realistic and restrained U.S. foreign policy. Someone who is interested in such a foreign policy would naturally conclude that it is in the best interests of our country to have a good relationship, if possible, with any country that possesses the world’s second-largest nuclear arsenal. There is a long tradition of American noninterventionism dating back to our Founding Fathers, who had hoped to keep the newly formed United States free of the recurrent destruction caused by the recurrent European wars. For decades, comity with other nations was the default position of the U.S. government and the American people." (04/24/17)

Transforming the possible through radical imagination

Source: Our Future
by George Goehl

"We are gathered here tonight, founding a new organization: People’s Action. And we are in a David and Goliath battle. Donald Trump is in the White House. Greed and hate run our federal government. The right controls dozens of statehouses from coast to coast. Most importantly — the communities that are already suffering the most are right in the crosshairs of what they want to do next. ('And Saul offered to David a sword and a shield. But instead, David reached into the stream and pulled out five smooth stones.') David knew he could not beat Goliath simply through sheer might and power. It was a time for strategy. And now, more than ever, we need strategy." (04/24/17)

UK: UKIP fully abandons former kinda-sorta-libertarian image, goes full authoritarian xenophobe

Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

"Britain's anti-EU U.K. Independence Party says it will promote social integration by banning face-covering veils and barring the opening of new Islamic schools. The right-wing party on Monday unveiled what it calls an 'integration agenda' ahead of Britain's June 8 election. It includes bans on Sharia law and on wearing face-covering veils in public, and a call for prosecution of parents of girls subjected to female genital mutilation." (04/24/17)

Free Talk Live, 04/23/17

Source: Free Talk Live

"Alex Jones vs Ex-Wife in Court May Determine Who Is Real Alex Jones :: Why Calexit? :: New Hampshire Freedom Movement :: DUI Checkpoint Activism :: Freedom Caucus :: William Norman Grigg, RIP :: Child Trafficking Court :: Ignorant Society :: Discrimination :: Auto Accidents :: NJ Senator :: Supreme Court :: More on Alex Jones :: HOSTS — Ian, Mark, Jonny Ray." [Flash audio or MP3] (04/23/17)

Whither France?

by Justin Raimondo

"As the Putin-obsessed Washington Post put it: 'Of the four candidates with a realistic chance to become France’s next president, three oppose Western sanctions against Russia. Two would take France out of NATO’s military command, or perhaps remove it from the alliance altogether.' The globalists are in a panic: their 'international architecture' of alliances is collapsing as those peasants with pitchforks storm the gates of the transnational bureaucracies. And the Davos crowd isn’t very imaginative in their defensive tactics: as in the US, they’re claiming Russian 'interference.' As the election came down to the wire, Macron whined that the Russians hacked his web site: naturally, he didn’t offer any evidence to back up this assertion. Who needs evidence when you have an all-purpose villain to blame? Macron is offering the same amount of proof for his accusation that our own intelligence agencies did when they claimed the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee and fooled John Podesta with a phishing email, i.e. precisely none." (04/24/17)

Kashmir: Students, Indian forces clash as protests continue

Source: New York Daily News

"Anti-India protests on Monday triggered clashes between students and government forces in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, as authorities reopened schools after a weeklong suspension of classes. Government forces used tear gas and water cannons to stop students from marching in the main commercial area in Srinagar, the key city in Indian-controlled Kashmir. The students retaliated by hurling rocks and breaching the barricades set up by police and paramilitary soldiers." (04/24/17)

Forwards! Backwards?

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

"France held an election over the weekend. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen came out on top, and will face each other in a runoff on May 7th. Current polling puts Macron over Le Pen, 62-38. But a SkyNews reporter cautions: there is no certainty. We in America have reason to respect that cautionary note. Our last election was an upset against the establishment candidate in favor of a wild card often dubbed 'far right' and even 'fascist' — which is precisely what Ms. Le Pen is being called." [editor's note: Correction — there was an upset against the establishment candidate in favor of the other establishment candidate – TLK] (04/24/17)

The heroin crisis we’ve ignored

Source: In These Times
by Kari Lydersen

"The heroin epidemic has been a subject of growing public concern in recent years, Black and Latino heroin users are often absent from the discussion. Instead, media and policy attention has focused largely on white communities. There’s a reason for that: Nearly 90 percent of new users during the past decade were white. Heroin use among whites cuts across age and socioeconomic class; the drug has seeped into middle-class suburbs as well as poor, rural areas. In 2013, nearly 5,000 white people aged 18-44 died from heroin overdoses, representing a 517 percent increase from their rate of fatal overdoses in 2000. Outside of the media spotlight, heroin remains a crisis in many Black and Latino communities. African Americans had the highest rate of fatal heroin overdoses in 2000, followed by Hispanics. The frequency of drug poisoning deaths has since more than doubled for both groups—an increase less dramatic than that of whites, but still of public concern. " (04/24/17)

Alabama, Mississippi mark Confederate Memorial Day

Source: Gadsden Times

"State government offices are closing Monday in Mississippi and Alabama for Confederate Memorial Day. Georgia used to mark the holiday, but removed the Confederate reference in 2015. Now, the last Monday in April there is simply called State Holiday. Confederate Memorial Day in Mississippi and Alabama commemorates those who died during the Civil War while fighting for Southern states that tried to secede from the U.S. The Confederate military surrendered in April 1865. South Carolina holds a Confederate Memorial Day in May to mark the day Gen. Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson died." (04/24/17)