Winslow T. Wheeler on The Scott Horton Show

Source: Libertarian Institute

“Winslow T. Wheeler explains earmarks in the federal budget, a process by which representatives can subtly direct money away from what it’s actually been requested for, often into projects that will go straight contractors in their districts. These firms then make political contributions to help the representatives get and stay elected. Wheeler says these earmarks divert over $19 billion per year, and the phenomenon is only getting worse.” [various formats] (01/20/19)

“We can’t afford it”

Source: National Review
by Kevin D Williamson

“When progressives such as Representative Ocasio-Cortez propose to create new benefits such as a single-payer health-care system or a universal college-tuition benefit, the most frequent conservative rejoinder is: ‘That’s a nice idea, but we can’t afford it.’ The reality is something closer to the opposite: We can afford these things, but they are terrible ideas for other reasons.” (01/20/19)

AZ: Body cam footage shows cop fatally shooting 14-year-old boy from behind

Source: The Hill

“A police department in Tempe, Ariz., released body camera footage on Friday showing one its officers fatally shooting a 14-year-old boy from behind. In footage of the shooting from earlier this week that was obtained by ABC News, teenager Antonio Arce, is seen running with his back facing the Tempe Police Department officer, Joseph Jaen, before being gunned down. Arce, who was armed with an airsoft gun at the time, was allegedly in the process of breaking into a vehicle when Jaen arrived at the scene on Tuesday.” (01/19/19)

The Anarchist Experience, episode 199

Source: The Anarchist Experience

“We discuss the darker side of Cryptocurrencies, The end result of Egoism, Can we ‘free’ Venezuela with a hostile takeover, and How much freedom is acceptable to give up for modern conveniences.” [various formats] (01/19/19)

The new missile defense policy won’t make us safer

Source: Cato Institute
by Eric Gomez

“The Trump administration’s long-awaited Missile Defense Review sets the stage for a broad expansion of U.S. missile defense capabilities that would make the country less safe. Perhaps this seems paradoxical; shouldn’t better defenses increase our security? Yet the proposed new systems would not exist in a vacuum, but would interact with existing and emerging technologies and nuclear strategies to produce a more dangerous world.” (01/18/19)

For Democrats, era of big government is back, big time

Source: Investor’s Business Daily
by staff

“Leading Democrats are pushing an agenda that would more than double the size of the federal government. This comes as a new Gallup Poll finds that the public views government as the most important problem facing the country today. Gallup regularly asks what are the biggest problems facing the country today. The latest shows ‘government’ well in the lead, with ‘immigration’ No. 2. Another Gallup poll finds that, despite all the focus on left-wing celebrities like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the country remains far more conservative than liberal — with 35% saying they are conservative compared with 26% who are liberal. The rest fall in the middle. Nevertheless, many in the Democratic Party are rushing to embrace policies that would, if enacted, result in government controlling a bigger share of the U.S. economy than ‘socialist’ countries like Sweden or Norway.” (01/20/19)

Free Talk Live, 01/19/19

Source: Free Talk Live

“More on Pho Keene Great Success :: Voluntary Immigration Charity :: Reduction in Force :: The Idea of Authority and the Devil :: Trump and the Will of the People :: Finding Reliable Info :: Cops vs Karaoke Guy :: Criminal Justice Reform :: Recording Cops :: Violating Constitution :: HOSTS — Ian, Chris R.” [Flash audio or MP3] (01/19/19)

Skepticism in order

Source: Common Sense

“In ‘The overblown and misleading issue of global warming,’ this emeritus distinguished professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee explains that in a ‘scientific problem ‘believing’ has no place,’ going on to clarify: ‘In science, we either prove or disprove.’ And regarding climate there is no ‘settled science.’ Lacking unquestionable experimental context — ‘we have only one realization of climate evolution’ — no matter how strong our opinions, skepticism is always in order.” (01/18/19)

Four activists convicted of feeding the hungry

Source: Fox News

“Four women were found guilty by a federal judge Friday of illegally [sic] entering a national wildlife refuge near the U.S.-Mexico border to leave food and water for illegal [sic] immigrants crossing the Arizona desert. The women were volunteers with No More Deaths, a group fighting to end deaths of illegal [sic] immigrants crossing the sometimes treacherous desert landscapes along the border, according to reports. … The women all face up to six months in prison for the misdemeanor convictions and a $500 fine.” (01/20/19)

Five Minutes Five Issues, episode 136

Source: Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

“Barr on Marijuana, Venezuela, Syria, More Marijuana Legalization, Trump Speech.” [Flash audio or MP3] (01/19/19)