What good is a National Security Strategy?

Source: Niskanen Center
by Matthew Fay

"Sebastian Gorka, a former White House adviser with questionable credentials whose responsibilities seemed to mostly involve Fox News appearances, told Breitbart in July that the new NSS will try to bridge the gap between isolationism and internationalism. It’s unclear what that means, but Gorka did promise that the new strategy would lack something — political correctness. Because what has obviously stopped various would-be George Kennans from crafting the successor to 'Containment' was the need to appease social justice warriors. Despite Gorka’s crowing about its potential lack of political correctness, Trump’s NSS will likely be a conventional document." (09/19/17)


Kennedy battles "dead cops" Tweet professor: "You're presenting a fallacious argument"

Source: Fox News

"[During her eponymous Fox Business News program Monday night, (Lisa) Kennedy (Montgomery)] debated Mike Isaacson, a 29-year-old professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Brooklyn, N.Y., who was placed on leave after he made incendiary remarks about law enforcement. Isaacson haad previously appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and afterward viewers uncovered a tweet from last month in which he referred to 'teaching future dead cops.' Since then, John Jay College has placed him on paid leave. Kennedy said that Isaacson, as an Antifa leader in Smash Racism DC, is promoting violence for the simple reason that they disagree with their political rivals. Isaacson disagreed, saying that Antifa demonstrates in objection to 'a movement that for decades has advocated violence.' He later confirmed that he was talking about white nationalism and neo-Nazism. 'What you are presenting is a fallacious argument,' Kennedy said, noting that not all of the rallies Antifa has disrupted are racist or fascist conclaves." [editor's note: This was one of her better, more challenging interviews, though this nutball did not budge from his militarism, though his excuses for initiating force "defensively" (prison industry, law enforcement excesses, etc.) had some validity – SAT] [additional editor's note: Sad to see Kennedy falling victim to the Antifa Derangement Syndrome epidemic – TLK] (09/19/17)


The Libertarian Angle, 09/19/17

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation

"FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling join the conversation on Vietnam following the release of the Ken Burns documentary." [various formats] (09/19/17)


Bureaucratic dark energy

Source: Competitive Enterprise Institute
by Robert J Hanrahan, Jr.

"There are thousands of felonies committed every day in Washington, D.C. Not in the places one might imagine, but in federal office buildings throughout the nation’s capital. The crime? Circumventing the power of Congress and the president to control the bureaucracy. The U.S. civil service’s growth is limited by the budgets enacted by Congress and executed by the president. But many federal agencies do an end run around any hiring freeze by hiring contractors instead of federal employees to perform government work. Bureaucracy expands rather than shrinks, congressional oversight is lost, ethical restrictions do not apply, and government expansion continues in defiance of the laws." (09/19/17)


Trump's broken promises

Source: Town Hall
by George Mano

"Last week President Trump sat down with left-wing Democratic Party politicians Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and tried to work out a deal on the border wall. Mr. Trump, a former businessman, fashions himself a great deal-maker, so he should have had them eating out of his hands. … So, if this deal is signed, Schumer and Pelosi get what they want (amnesty for the offspring of illegals [sic]) and Trump gets a promise for 'massive border security,' but no wall. It would be like going to a car dealership and handing over $20,000 for a new car, and the dealer gives you some candy for your kids and says, 'You can talk to us about the car later, but we’re never going to give it to you.' We have seen this before." [editor's note: Just like most "progressive" pundits, this "conservative" misses the point: If this results in an actual bill and then a law, addressing this issue with Congress on board, it will be a "yuuuge" step forward for all concerned, and maybe a sign that "gov't by Executive order" is no longer the norm – SAT] (09/19/17)


Twitter reports "progress" on weeding out users advocating violence

Source: Raw Story

"Twitter Inc said that its internal controls were allowing it to weed out accounts being used for 'promotion of terrorism' earlier rather than responding to government requests to close them down. U.S. and European governments have been pressuring social media companies including Twitter, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google to fight harder against online radicalization, particularly by violent Islamist groups. Twitter said it had removed 299,649 accounts in the first half of this year for the 'promotion of terrorism,' a 20 percent decline from the previous six months. Three-quarters of those accounts were suspended before posting their first tweet. Less than 1 percent of account suspensions were due to government requests, the company said, while 95 percent were thanks to Twitter’s internal efforts to combat extremist content with 'proprietary tools,', up from 74 percent in the last transparency report. Twitter defines 'promotion of terrorism' as actively inciting or promoting violence 'associated with internationally recognized terrorist organizations.'" [editor's note: But I suppose the Antifa advocation of violence is ignored? – SAT] [editor's note: Antifa Derangement Syndrome aside, shouldn't every GOVERNMENT Twitter account be removed? – TLK (09/19/17)


CA: Sanctuary state bill sent to Brown

Source: ABC 7 Eyewitness News

"A bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown seeks to make California a sanctuary state, but some demonstrators are urging the governor to veto the measure. The bill, SB 54, limits the cooperation and communication between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. Opponents in San Bernardino rallied Monday afternoon to urge the governor not to sign the bill. They argue it is an invitation to the world to enter and reside illegally [sic] in California." (09/19/17)


Using mob rule to bypass due process

Source: Everything Voluntary
by Skyler J Collins

"There’s nothing wrong with forming groups and creating rules and procedures for how the group will operate and handle disputes. But I do take issue with forming groups and creating rules and procedures for how other people will operate and handle disputes. The latter is called 'government.' We know that this is how government operates because when legislators, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and bureaucrats are challenged to provide facts and evidence to support their jurisdictional claims, they can’t. All they can provide are their opinions and willingness to use violence to hurt us and take our stuff in accordance with their rules and procedures. And herein lies the dilemma for the supporter of due process. Because people who call themselves 'government' have no basis in factual reality for their claims of jurisdiction, when they do use violence to hurt us or take our stuff, they do it in total violation of due process." (09/18/17)


Clown revolt: Whoop! Whoop! comes to Washington

Source: JimBovard.com
by James Bovard

"Despite being billed as a showdown of competing political protests and rallies, the only political action on the streets of Washington this past weekend were the raging clowns. They did not come to beat Nazis or chase Pro-Trumpers off the Mall, the way the mainstream media suggested on Friday. Instead, thousands of Juggalos — ardent fans of the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) duo — assembled near the Lincoln Memorial to protest their vilification by Uncle Sam. They came to defend their honor — or at least try to get their record expunged." (09/19/17)


Cuba: Regime delays municipal elections due to Irma devastation

Source: Reuters

"Cuba is postponing municipal elections by a month to Nov. 26 because of the devastation wrought on the Caribbean island by Hurricane Irma, its Council of State said in an electoral notice published in the ruling Granma Party newspaper on Tuesday. The elections were coming at an already difficult time for Cuba as an economic reform program appears stalled, aid from key ally Venezuela shrinks, and the Trump administration threatens. Then Irma swept across the island from east to west, tearing off roofs, damaging the power grid and crops, ripping up trees and bringing a violent storm surge to many coastal towns." (09/19/17)