Hillary Clinton’s cabinet would have been bad

Source: The New Republic
by Sarah Jones

“Noted access-seeker and Axios founder Mike Allen has released Clinton’s so-called ‘ghost cabinet,’ the individuals her campaign likely would have nominated to fill key administration roles. … This list contains no surprises, which is exactly why it’s so troubling. Politico initially reported in October that Clinton was considering Sheryl Sandberg for Treasury secretary. Progressives opposed that at the time, and for good reason: Sandberg’s only qualifications for that position are that she is wealthy and friendly with Clinton. Those two characteristics, wealth and loyalty, constitute the same low standard Donald Trump has applied to his own cabinet nominees. See also: Howard Schultz (of Starbucks) for labor secretary and Anna Wintour (of Vogue) for ambassador to the U.K.” [editor’s note: Clink the link to see the list; it has few real surprises – SAT] (01/10/17)