Obama’s Cuba doctrine … and why Trump should keep it.

Source: The American Conservative
by Philip Peters

“Reagan praised private organizations that promoted citizen exchanges, declaring that ‘civilized people everywhere have a stake in keeping contacts, communication, and creativity as broad, deep, and free as possible.’ Government best contributes to this, he said, ‘by not standing in the way.’ He decried Soviet action in Afghanistan and repression at home, but argued that ‘we must be careful in reacting to actions by the Soviet Government not to take out our indignations on those not responsible. And that’s why I feel that we should broaden opportunities for Americans and Soviet citizens to get to know each other better.’ For this, Reagan became the hero of the Cold War. And for following this same playbook when he took relations with Cuba out of the deep freeze two years ago, President Obama won the support of three in four Americans. He leaves in place a sober, realistic strategy that President Trump would do well to keep.” (01/26/17)