Trump pouts over commutation of his moral superior’s sentence

Source: Washington Post

“President Trump on Thursday intensified his criticism of the decision to commute the sentence of military leaker Chelsea Manning, calling her a ‘traitor’ who should remain in prison. In a tweet, Trump claimed Manning had called former president Barack Obama a ‘weak leader’ even after her 35-year sentence was commuted in the last days of the Obama administration. Trump appeared to be referring to a column that Manning wrote in the Guardian newspaper. In the commentary, she argued that Obama’s legacy will leave ‘few permanent accomplishments’ because he often sought common ground and compromise rather than battling harder against ‘unparalleled resistance from his opponents.'” [editor’s note: Yeah, I know, kind of “dog bites man” — who ISN’T Trump’s moral superior, and what WON’T he whine about? – TLK] (01/26/17)