Cleveland police: A culture of “did nothing wrong”

Source: Cop Block
by Deo Odolecki

“The Cleveland police have been ordered to pay 2.25 million dollars to the family of Tanisha Anderson: A Cleveland woman who was having a mental breakdown when Cleveland police slammed her to the ground killing her. This settlement comes on the back of the Dan Ficker settlement, the Tamir Rice settlement, the Timothy and Mallisa settlement, the … Is anyone else noticing a trend here? … While police supporters in Ohio kiss the rings of the local police departments, and while the union rep Steve Loomis continues to deny any wrong doing in any of these cases, the settlements keep rolling in. That is over 16 million dollars that the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County will have to shell out for police misconduct with not one of them spending a single day in jail!! The city officials, the police chief, the police union, and countless copsuckers in Ohio continue to say, ‘We did nothing wrong.'” (02/06/17)