Yemen: Saudi puppet regime withdraws consent for US ground operations

Source: United Press International

“Yemen [sic] withdrew permission for U.S. special operations missions after civilians were killed in a military operation, U.S. officials said. A Jan. 29 raid on an al-Qaida base in Yemen resulted in a 50-minute firefight in which up to 30 Yemenis, including children, killed in the crossfire, along with one U.S. Navy SEAL. The Pentagon acknowledged that several civilians died in the attack on a vilage in central Yemen, though it is unsure how many. … The resulting outrage in Yemen prompted a suspension of the U.S. counter-terrorism program. Although neither Yemen nor the United States officially announced the withdrawal of approval, it was reported by The New York Times Tuesday, citing U.S. military officials.” [editor’s note: Given that the Saudis seem to be the chief sponsors of al Qaeda and that the “Yemeni government” in question is just a bunch of quislings riding in on the back of a Saudi invasion, this is kind of dog bites man, isn’t it? – TLK] (02/08/17)