How democracies lose in cyber war

Source: The Atlantic
by Moises Naim

“‘War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.’ This 19th-century quip, often attributed to the satirist Ambrose Bierce, deserves a 21st-century update: ‘Attacks against the U.S. are God’s way of teaching Americans how weaker enemies are stronger than they seem.’ … If Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda taught a new generation of Americans about kinetic asymmetric war, WikiLeaks and the Kremlin have taught them about cyber asymmetric war. While the first relies on physical violence to kill people, destroy buildings, and disable critical infrastructure, the second uses the internet and other cyber tools, which can cause not only physical damage but also weaken the institutions that are critical for the functioning of a democratic government.” [editor’s note: Interesting thesis, although Naim hurts himself with the gratuitous Russia-baiting. If Wikileaks and the US really are at war — and I think there’s a good argument for that — we should all do our bit to ensure that Wikileaks wins – TLK] (02/13/17)