Russia: Regime denies flouting key Cold War treaty with new missiles

Source: CBS News

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman denied Wednesday allegations from U.S. officials that Moscow is violating a decades-old arms control treaty with the deployment of a new nuclear-capable cruise missile. The treaty in question was signed between President Ronald Reagan and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev in the final years of the Cold War and is still in effect. It bars missiles with a range greater than 300 miles. U.S. officials tell CBS News'[s] David Martin that they have monitored flight tests in which the missile, known as the SSC-8, flew farther than 300 miles. It happened secretly in December during the Obama administration, says Martin, but it is now up to President Trump to respond.” [editor’s note: In other words, it wouldn’t have been brought up if Trump hadn’t won the election, but since he did and since it’s the Russians, it might make for good War Party propaganda – TLK] (02/15/17)