Is Russia a red herring?

Source: In These Times
by Chris Edelson and Bhaskar Sunkara

“Donald Trump’s unconventionally pro-Russian foreign policy views and his brand of authoritarian far-right politics lined up with Vladimir Putin’s interests. Many in the media — and many Democrats — have … leapt on the narrative of a meddling Putin installing a puppet in the White House. On January 6, the intelligence community released a report on the hacking to the public, concluding that Putin directly ordered cyber-espionage aimed at helping Donald Trump. The circumstantial evidence is compelling, but many, understandably skeptical of the CIA, demand more proof. … In These Times asked Chris Edelson, an assistant professor of government at American University, and Bhaskar Sunkara, founding editor of Jacobin magazine, to weigh in on how seriously we should take the Russia allegations — and whether it’s a distraction from the political battles ahead.” (02/15/17)