The wretched beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency

by Lucy Steigerwald

“Maybe Donald Trump is a different kind of politician. Maybe he will keep his promises. Unfortunately, since January 20, Trump has pursued a nasty collection of priorities. Any hope that the political newbie would be dazed and timid in his first 100 days went out the window after his clunky, legally-dubious executive order stopping immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries — all of which have been messed up by the US — turned airports across the US into chaotic scenes of protest, and brought about multiple lawsuits. But Trump didn’t just declare his intention to deport and ban wide swaths of people. He also has a wall to build. There’s still time to stop that, and Trump won’t be bringing steel back to Pittsburgh, or any of the other time-traveling protectionist economic promises he made. Trump may well be able to stop the progress of criminal justice reform, however, and make our immigration system even more cruel.” (02/16/17)