Trump, media should stop making things up

Source: Fox News Forum
by John Stossel

“‘Fake News!’ shouts our president, calling out CNN, The New York Times and others. I love it, although it’s not really true — not the way President Donald Trump means it. The media rarely ‘fake’ anything. Over time, they generally get the facts correct. But the president makes a good point: The smug lamestream media spin left, but won’t admit it. At ABC News, my colleagues acted as if I was the only guy in the building with an opinion. Everyone else was ‘in the middle.’ This was nonsense. Almost all were leftists. They constantly pushed big government. Their bias was revealed in questions they asked, the ‘experts’ they chose to interview and their endless calls for political correctness and new regulation. Unfortunately, Trump is now just as ridiculous, claiming that ‘crime is reaching record levels” when it’s half what it was 25 years ago.” (02/22/17)