US Attorney believes judge heroically helped man evade ICE gangsters

Source: KOIN 6 News

“Oregon’s top federal prosecutor says a Multnomah County judge helped an illegal immigrant [sic] elude ICE agents waiting to [abduct] him. It happened at the Multnomah County Justice Center on January 27 when Diddier Pancheco entered a change of plea for a DUI case, KOIN 6 News learned. ICE agents were reportedly there waiting for him at their usual spots. But he left through a different door typically used only by court officials. U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said he believes someone helped him get through that door. … Monica Herranz was on the bench acting as a court referee at the time. Williams said he’’s unsure whether Herranz instructed Pancheco to leave through that door.” [editor’s note: If so, good on her! – TLK] (02/28/17)