Replacing ObamaCare made easy: The case for the Universal Health Insurance Tax Credit

Source: Heartland Institute
by Peter Ferrara

“Replacing the arbitrary, widely varying credits and subsidies of Obamacare, the Universal Health Insurance Tax Credit would provide the same, equal, tax benefit to everyone, regardless of income. Requiring workers to guess their income for the year, pay a penalty if they guess wrong, and bureaucrats to verify income for each worker, has been the source of much of the unworkable complication of Obamacare. The amount of the Goodman credit is tied to the cost of Medicaid, ensuring that everyone has access to a basic amount of health insurance. And that we are not encouraging people to choose government insurance over private insurance. For 2017, the credit would be $2,500 for each person, and $8,000 per family.” [editor’s note: Hey, I’ve got an even easier idea than replacing one wonky nose-in-your-biz scheme with another– repeal all federal laws relating to healthcare and GET OUT OF THE WAY. Problem solved – TLK] (03/01/17)