UN: Both sides committed war crimes in Aleppo

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar]

“Both sides in last year’s battle for Syria’s Aleppo city committed war crimes, including a ‘deliberate’ bombing of a humanitarian convoy by the Syrian government, according to a new United Nations investigation. The UN Commission of Inquiry’s report released on Wednesday said Syrian government and allied Russian forces ‘pervasively used’ unguided munitions to bomb densely populated areas in rebel-held eastern Aleppo between July and its fall on December 22, amounting to the war crime of indiscriminate attacks. … According to the report, opposition groups shelled government-controlled western Aleppo, indiscriminately firing with no clear military target. As the opposition resistance was crumbling and civilians tried to escape, some rebel armed groups prevented civilians from fleeing eastern Aleppo, using them as ‘human shields,’ and attacked the residential Kurdish district of Sheikh Maqsoud — both war crimes.” (03/01/17)