Immigration is not citizenship

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Today there are more than a million Americans living in Mexico. Most of them are retirees. They have chosen to retain their American citizenship. Many of them have chosen not to assimilate into Mexican society. They still eat hamburgers instead of enchiladas, they still pay taxes to the IRS, they still speak English at home, they still vote here, and some of them even root for American sports teams. Should those Americans be considered bad people — unpatriotic people — for not pledging allegiance to the flag of Mexico? Of course not! They have every right to just live their lives the way they choose. Who cares that they have chosen to remain American citizens? This is one of the aspects of open immigration that anti-immigrant types just don’t get. They think that just because foreign citizens come to the United States to live or work, it is incumbent on them to become American citizens. Not so!” (03/06/17)