European Space Agency launches Earth observation satellite

Source: Tech Times

“The European Space Agency (ESA) developed Sentinel-2B satellite has been launched. It is a part of the Copernicus program and will join its twin sister satellite Sentinel-2A in outer space. Sentinel-2A has been orbiting Earth since 2015. Being a part of the ESA’s Copernicus Earth Monitoring Program, the satellite duo will observe the globe and will take high-resolution infrared and color images of the planet’s surface. ESA states that the data provided by the satellites will enable scientists to track variations in forest area and water resources. … Sentinel-2B launch is the fifth of ESA’s Earth observation satellites, which was lifted off upon a Vega rocket at 01:49 GMT on March 7 (02:49 CET; 22:49 local time, March 6) from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.” (03/07/17)