CO: Idiot pols may try to limit home marijuana grows

Source: Greeley Tribune

“Colorado may ban collective marijuana growing under a bill that calls some patient-owned marijuana grows a ‘public nuisance.’ A bill up for its first hearing in a House committee Monday would ban co-op pot growing by setting a statewide limit of 12 marijuana plants per residential property. Colorado currently allows medical pot patients to grow up to 99 plants, far beyond other marijuana states, and it also allows recreational users to group their allotted six plants into massive co-ops, entire greenhouses of pot that aren’t tracked or taxed. The large-scale grows are inviting federal scrutiny because it’s too hard to tell if those plants are being legally sold and not sold on the black market, said Rep. KC Becker, a Boulder Democrat who is sponsor of the bill.” [editor’s note: Has anyone educated Becker on the fact that what other people grow on their own property is none of her business? – TLK] (03/06/17)