Craig Wright wants to kill Satoshi by becoming him … again. Why? And how?

by Wendy McElroy

“The Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, who once claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is continuing his effort to obtain hundreds of digital currency and blockchain patents. Why: For profit. How: By some 400 patent applications on Bitcoin and blockchain-related technology. A recent Reuters report (March 2, 2017) referred to the onslaught as an unprecedented ‘land grab for intellectual property.’ It is also a desecration of the gift Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto gave to average people — economic autonomy. It is a slap at Satoshi and at his open-source masterpiece which was intended to be a weapon of independence against the very institutions to which Wright kowtows. The insult is worsened by Wright’s claim to be Satoshi.” (03/09/17)