Harvard theorists: How sailing aliens could have caused fast radio bursts

Source: Orlando Sentinel

“In 2007, a West Virginia University astrophysicist named Duncan Lorimer detected a brief yet intense signal while combing through archival data from the Parkes Observatory telescope in Australia. The signal was quick. The spurt of radio activity, originating from a source other than our galaxy, lasted fewer than 5 milliseconds. And it was furious. To generate such a burst would require 500 million times the power of our solar system’s sun. The unknown source of the signal prompted intense speculation. One proposal, to be published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, may be the wildest yet: Sailing aliens. … The new hypothesis put forth by a pair of theorists at the Center for Astrophysics was even more exotic. [Avi] Loeb and his co-author, Manasvi Lingam, ditched natural sources entirely. They speculated that FRBs could, in theory, be traced back to extragalactic civilizations. Specifically, aliens who flashed superpowered beacons or cruised through space on the wings of giant light sail technology.” (03/10/17)