Trump's budget proposal makes dramatic cuts (a whopping 1/3 of 1% of discretionary spending!) to federal government

Source: NBC News

"The White House is putting its 'America First' agenda front and center, unveiling a budget Thursday that pumps $54 billion more into the Pentagon and protecting [sic] the nation's borders, while sharply slashing domestic and discretionary spending. The $1.1 trillion budget proposal sent to Congress represents a significant rollback of the federal workforce and imposes deep and dramatic cuts in order to offset the additional defense spending. The axe falls heavily on the Environmental Protection Agency, the Agriculture Department and the State Department." [editor's note: Yes, you read the headline correctly. The proposal would cut 1/3 of 1% of discretionary spending. Which means more like 1/10th of 1% of the total federal budget. Which means that by the time Congress gets done tweaking it, federal spending will go up, not down. Business as usual. Yawn – TLK] (03/16/17)

  • dL

    The $1.1 trillion budget

    That would be a massive decrease. The federal budget is on order of ~ 4 trillion. I don't have the patience to wade through the obfuscatory pedanticism of categories of spending to know what the real budget numbers are. I'm guessing it increases military, security spending while cutting the poor man's plunder.

    • It's not "the $1.1 trillion budget." It's "the $1.1 trillion budget proposal."

      The budget proposal only deals with a portion ("discretionary spending") of the total budget.

      • dL


        googled Obama's 2016 budget proposal(not the budget), got back 1.15 trillion

        (1.15 trillion – 1.1 trillion)/1.15 trillion
        = .0433 = 4.3% percentage decrease

        It's a cut, but it's not a dramatic cut. Although the distribution of the cuts may be dramatic for some.

        A superficial libertarian analysis may say "incremental improvement." A bit more sophisticated analysis looks at what has been increased, what has been cut, and concludes "probably worse than the previous Obama budget proposal."

  • R R Schoettker

    So this utterly trivial "proposed reduction" (sic) is described as "sharply slashing", "significant rollback", "deep and dramatic cuts". "axe falls heavily" by the mainstream media? And they wonder why the discerning minority regard their every pronouncement as fake news!