I was a hardcore conservative: What changed my mind

Source: Cracked
by Christina H

“I know a lot of liberal-leaning types think that backwards conservatives (especially Trump voters) can never change, because they’ve never seen such a change. They’ve never seen someone go from saying ‘ALL LIVES MATTER BETA CUCK SNOWFLAKE’ to suddenly saying, ‘Oh no, racism is systemic.’ And no public, visible conversions mean it must not happen, or it must be super rare. But wait. We all know nobody likes to admit they are wrong, but did you know nobody likes to admit they were until very recently wrong? A lot of people change quietly and play it like they were on the right side the whole time, whistling innocently. I did.” [editor’s note: I read this one eagerly, to find out she had discovered she was actually a libertarian, but the jury is still out – SAT] (03/18/17)