Space: The ultimate war zone

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“If I were a Democratic (or Republican) politician in DC, I’d be a whole lot more worried about India, Pakistan or maybe Persia (Iran) than SpaceX. Frankly, I think that even a rogue NASA or RusSpace astronaut/cosmonaut or programmer is a more serious risk than a couple of tourists oohing and ahhing and talking to People magazine and the Today show from lunar orbit. For the time WILL come when the space around Earth and Luna WILL be the battleground. Certainly if the statists, the governments and their ambitious parasites get their way. Even if the active combat in space is not nation-versus-nation, it is still very likely. And that is probably what Ms. Wu dimly sees; having people in space who are NOT there representing some nation or government, but just themselves, is a threat to the very existence of government and nation-states.” (03/17/17)