The importance of libertarian science fiction

Source: Students For Liberty
by Nicholas Woode-Smith

Theory inspires action, action leads to change. It is taken for granted by many that philosophy and political theory is integral to any movement. Movements, to inspire change, need an ideology to determine what form that change should take. Libertarianism is no different. We have a broad range of academic theorists who have written and lectured on an expansive array of Libertarian theory and principles. These principles allow us not only to shape what change we want to see in the world, but keep them consistent so that we do not stray from that set path. Theory is integral to any movement, but is often inaccessible to the majority of people. It tends to be boring for most, or too complicated. It is true that the vast majority of people have not and will never read Road to Serfdom or The Law, but many people have and will read The Hunger Games, 1984, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Fahrenheit 451 and other popular works of fiction.” (03/20/17)