What Trump’s budget blueprint gets right

Source: Chicago Tribune
by staff

“When the White House put out its blueprint for the federal budget, which is notable for outlining $54 billion in cuts for domestic programs, shrieks of outrage went up on Capitol Hill. ‘Draconian’ and ‘counterproductive’ were some of the words used to describe the plan. ‘Not realistic’ and ‘unfair’ were also heard. And those responses came from Republicans. Democrats were even less impressed. Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois said it ‘would be a disaster for America.’ Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont called the plan ‘morally obscene.’ From the lamentations, you might not guess that the reductions amount to just 1.5 percent of federal outlays. Nor would you realize that as a share of gross domestic product, spending would remain one-fifth higher than it was in 2000. If these cuts are ‘draconian,’ Lake Calumet is an ocean.” (03/20/17)