South China Sea: Aircraft hangars, radar installed on artificial islands

Source: CNN

“Dozens of aircraft hangars and high-end radar capabilities on China’s man-made islands in the South China Sea are almost operational, according to new satellite imagery released by a US-based think tank. … Images released by the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, AMTI, taken in early March, show nearly completed defense infrastructure on three of China’s largest artificial islands in the disputed Spratly chain: Fiery Cross, Mischief and Subi reefs. … A Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman said Tuesday she wasn’t aware of the report’s details but reiterated the Spratly Islands were Chinese territory. ‘Whether we decide to deploy or not deploy relevant military equipment, it is within our scope of sovereignty. It’s our right to self-defense and self-preservation as recognized by international law,’ Hua Chunying said.” (03/28/17)