Article 50: The dawn of a new Democratic era

Source: spiked
by Tom Slater

“Today is one of the greatest days in the history of British democracy. When Theresa May seals the Article 50 letter and sends it to Brussels, she’ll do so under the democratic order of 17.4 million Britons, the largest number of people to have voted for anything in the history of this country. When we cast our votes in the EU referendum last June, it was the first time in decades that our vote felt like it truly meant something. We felt the weight of a real democratic choice as we stood in the voting booth. It’s become a cliche — but it’s true. And today is the day that that democratic clout will finally be made real. It’s more striking for the fact that Brexit is being carried through against the apparently better instincts of our political class.” (03/29/17)