Alexander proposes temporary fix for ObamaCare

Source: USA Today

“With health care reform stalled, Sen. Lamar Alexander announced Wednesday he intends to file legislation that would provide temporary relief for millions of people who live in areas where there are no insurers selling policies on the federal health insurance marketplace. Alexander’s proposal would let people who get government subsidies to buy insurance use that money to purchase any state-approved plan on the private market if there is no insurer selling policies on the federal exchange, or marketplace, in their area. Right now, the subsidies can be used only to buy a policy on the exchanges, which were set up under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Alexander’s bill also would remove the tax penalty for failing to buy a policy if Americans who receive federal subsidies have zero options on the exchange. That fine can total as much as $2,000 for a family of four.” (03/29/17)