Democrats have the votes to block cloture on Gorsuch nomination and force “nuclear” Senate showdown

Source: National Public Radio [US state media]

“Senate Democrats now have enough votes to block the Supreme Court nomination under current Senate rules, which require 60 votes to proceed on a nomination. That sets up a showdown later this week that will likely lead to a reinterpretation of Senate rules, so that the nominations of Supreme Court justices can be advanced with 51-vote majorities, rather than the preliminary 60-vote threshold that has long applied to high court nominations.” [editor’s note: The 60-vote threshold is for “cloture,” that is, ending debate and voting (once that’s done, Gorsuch can be confirmed with only 51 votes). Cloture applies to all Senate bills, not just Supreme Court confirmations. And getting 41 votes to prevent cloture is not the same thing as a filibuster, but mainstream media frequently conflate the two for some reason – TLK] (04/03/17)