The deification of Hillary Clinton

Source: The New Republic
by Sarah Jones

“Susan Bordo is right about one thing: Sexism is real and Hillary Clinton has been subjected to it. The spectre of Hillary (the-nasty-woman is persistent and familiar) but it’s only one of the many reasons Clinton lost her latest White House bid. The story of her defeat is a complicated one, encompassing rising anti-establishment fervor, campaign error, and yes, prejudice. But you wouldn’t know it from reading Bordo’s new book. In The Destruction of Hillary Clinton, the feminist scholar seeks to absolve Clinton for her loss to Donald Trump. To do so, she presents a raft of justifications: James Comey, Wikileaks, conservatives, Bernie Sanders, and dumb young people. There is scarcely a mention of policy positions Clinton took during her campaign that were less than inspiring, or of moments when the candidate seemed to misread the public mood (such as her repeated claim that ‘America is already great’). Any rational analysis of Clinton’s career and campaigns must include an examination of her mistakes, but Destruction is not rational.” [editor’s note: How delicious to see an avowed “feminist” writer on a “progressive” site excoriating this apparent piece of crap – SAT] (04/05/17)