Drug war theater, North Carolina edition: Hospital workers feign illness after getting caught eating pot brownies

Source: WISH 8 TV News

“Six employees at Davis Regional Medical Center in Statesville were treated [sic] in the emergency room after eating cookies and muffins that had been laced with pot. ‘These days and times, nothing hardly surprises me anymore,’ said William Revell, a Statesville resident. Melvin Tomlin believes it’s possible the employees interacted with patients before realizing they were sick [sic]. … Investigators said a worker brought in cookies and muffins that a family member had baked and left them in the kitchen. The worker told police they didn’t know there was THC oil, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, in the cookies.” [editor’s note: Being high on marijuana isn’t being sick any more than being drunk on alcohol or buzzed on caffeine is. This is just melodramatic horseapples – TLK] (04/05/17)