Top Democrats are wrong: Trump supporters were more motivated by racism than economic issues

Source: The Intercept
by Mehdi Hasan

“It isn’t only Republicans, it seems, who traffic in alternative facts. Since Donald Trump’s shock election victory, leading Democrats have worked hard to convince themselves, and the rest of us, that his triumph had less to do with racism and much more to do with economic anxiety — despite almost all of the available evidence suggesting otherwise. … Philip Klinkner, a political scientist at Hamilton College and an expert on race relations, has pored over [American National Election Studies] data and tells me that ‘whether it’s good politics to say so or not, the evidence from the 2016 election is very clear that attitudes about blacks, immigrants, and Muslims were a key component of Trump’s appeal.’ For example, he says, ‘in 2016 Trump did worse than Mitt Romney among voters with low and moderate levels of racial resentment, but much better among those with high levels of resentment.'” (04/06/17)