Republicans learn to love single-payer health care

Source: Reason
by Jesse Walker

“Who wants a Medicare-for-all system? A plurality of Republicans, apparently. A new Economist/YouGov survey shows 46 percent of the party in favor of ‘expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American.’ Just 38 percent are opposed. This comes on the heels of a January Pew poll where 30 percent of Republicans agreed that the government has a responsibility ‘to make sure all Americans have health coverage.’ That looked like a pretty high number at the time, but these new results make it seem small. If you were alert, you could see this sentiment building for a while. About a year ago, a Gallup poll suggested that 41 percent of the GOP liked the idea of replacing ObamaCare with federally funded universal health care. That number was probably inflated by people willing to endorse anything framed as an alternative to ObamaCare, but you can’t say that about this year’s results.” (04/06/17)