US Senate goes "nuclear" to advance Gorsuch confirmation

Source: The Hill

"The Senate voted Thursday to move forward with Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination after Republicans took a historic step that lowers the vote threshold for high court nominees to a simple majority. Senators voted 55-45 to end debate on Gorsuch's nomination, setting up a final confirmation vote for Friday. Thanks to a procedural move that changed Senate rules earlier Thursday, a simple majority was needed to move forward. Democrats had successfully blocked Gorsuch's nomination from getting 60 votes earlier, prompting Republicans to employ the 'nuclear option,' which effectively ends filibusters [sic] for all Supreme Court nominees." [editor's note: Not achieving cloture is not a "filibuster." A filibuster consists of dragging out debate with lengthy speeches, etc. – TLK] (04/06/17)

  • dL

    I believe the the Repub "nuclear option" of 2017 simply removes the one exemption–US Supreme Court nominees– from the Dem nuclear option of 2013. So, if you believe majority circumvention of Senate stall tactics is ruinous to American democracy, then that bomb detonated 4 years ago.