Claremont McKenna students, silencing Heather Mac Donald is the stupidest way to battle The War on Cops

Source: Reason
by Robby Soave

“Once again, a group of protesters — many of them students — decided to prevent a contrary speaker from addressing campus. Once again, they largely succeeded, harassing a student-journalist in the process. Once again, the college administration — at Claremont McKenna, this time — condemned their illiberalism but could do nothing, or would do nothing, to stop them. And once again, a speaker whose views are anathema to college students but well-represented among the broader American public left campus essentially unchallenged, because the mob denied curious audience members the opportunity to hear her out. The madness is not confined to Middlebury. This time, the target was Heather Mac Donald, a Manhattan Institute scholar and author of the 2016 book The War on Cops.” (04/10/17)