“It’s complicated”: The great false argument for war

Source: CounterPunch
by Daniel Martin

“It’s an argument I’ve seen time and again, as a justification for American military interventionism. It appears in the news, and it is parroted in conversations. Sometimes it is followed with a proclamation that we have to do ‘something.’ A specific and very timely example comes to mind, from the summer of 2013. A family member, a fervent Obama supporter, was lamenting the fact that the President had a very ‘difficult’ decision about whether to take military action against Assad, subsequent to the sarin gas attack at Ghouta for which he was popularly blamed. I challenged her assertion, saying that it wasn’t difficult at all not to go to war, especially considering that the true culprits of the attack were not really known. But she held her ground, insisting that the Assad-did-it version was ‘fact.'” (04/11/17)