Trump regime accuses Russians of trying to “cover up” Syria chemical attack; Putin recalls past US WMD lies

Source: NBC News

“The White House is accusing Russia of trying to ‘cover up’ Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s [alleged] role in a[n alleged] chemical weapons attack that left dozens, including children, dead and [was used as an excuse for] U.S. military strikes. Senior administration officials briefed reporters Tuesday on declassified [alleged] intelligence that [allegedly] knocks down the Russian-pushed narrative that last week’s deadly chemical weapons attack could have been carried out by non-state or terrorist actors. … As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson traveled to Moscow for a meeting with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign ministry spoke of ‘a long list of irritants created by Washington.’ Vladimir Putin went further, comparing America’s accusations of a chemical attack in Syria to its justification of the Iraq invasion. ‘We saw this before,’ Russia’s president told reporters. ‘It reminds me the events of 2003.'”