Issuing a challenge to the United States

Source: The Anarchist Shemale
by Aria DiMezzo

“I was relieved today to wake up and learn that we hadn’t started World War 3 in response to North Korea’s testing of a nuclear weapon, primarily because North Korea didn’t test a nuclear weapon. What does it really matter, though? It has merely postponed it. For months, indications have been that North Korea was about to test another nuclear weapon. This is why tensions have been so high–the evidence is pretty clear that we are going to attack if they do so. Satellite images routinely show the ‘right’ activity to indicate there is about to be a nuclear test, and it’s pretty likely that Kim Jong Un backed out at the last minute precisely because of pressure from the United States and China. But this hasn’t changed anything. It’s worth taking a moment to ask ourselves why we care whether North Korea tests nuclear weapons.” (04/15/17)