MA: Prosecutors dismiss more than 21,500 drug cases in wake of lab chemist’s misconduct

Source: Washington Post

“Prosecutors in eight counties around Boston revealed Tuesday that they would dismiss 21,587 drug cases tainted by the misconduct of Massachusetts state drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan over a period of eight years, although nearly all of those convicted in her cases have already served their sentences. The beginning of the end of the state’s first drug lab scandal — another chemist in western Massachusetts may be responsible for just as many flawed cases — came five years after Dookhan’s actions were discovered, and over the strenuous objections of state prosecutors, who pushed for individual reconsideration of Dookhan’s cases rather than mass resolution. Dookhan admitted falsifying reports, contaminating samples intentionally, grouping multiple samples together or simply not doing drug testing she certified she had done. Dookhan pleaded guilty to multiple counts of tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice and served three years in prison.” [editor’s note: Next step — recovering restitution for the victims from the personal finances of Dookhan and every prosecutor who kept people in prison instead of immediately dismissing the cases when she was caught – TLK] (04/19/17)