The "Battle of Berkeley" is a bad sign for liberty

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Dan Sanchez

"Just how close are we to repeating the political violence of interwar Germany? How bad is it, and how bad can it get? Populist-right demonstrators and radical-left protesters clashed in Berkeley, California yesterday. The belligerents used such weapons as fists, feet, rocks, pepper spray, smoke bombs, barricades, and a trash dumpster/battering ram. There was one reported non-lethal stabbing. Arrayed on the right were members of the Alt-Right, Oathkeepers, Proud Boys, and non-affiliated Trump supporters, and the left was led by Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action) and BAMN ('By Any Means Necessary'). … We’re a long way from Weimar. The Alt-Knight and his merry band are a far cry from the brutal Storm Troopers. And the black-clad waifs of Antifa are a pale shadow of the homicidal Spartacists. In fact, there is distinctly ridiculous and even comical vibe to the scuffles, which the late, great Will Grigg aptly described as 'political cosplay.' But these things have a way of escalating." (04/20/17)

  • dL

    As usual, it was the leftists who were the main instigators.

    Hmmm, for a Trump Patriot March in Berkeley. lol. If the Trump instigators were merely ACLU civili libertarians on free speech, I sure they would have no problem w/ a "Fuck Trump" rally in Birmingham, Alabama. Right?

    EDIT (4/18/17): Some of the interesting responses to this article made me realize one of the key problems. Too many people are more anti-leftists and anti-communists than they are anti-leftism and anti-communism. For them, it’s more about the enemy tribes that hold pernicious ideas than the pernicious ideas themselves. This breeds a tribal warfare mentality that will only make things worse.

    No, it demonstrates the degree that American libertarianism is weighed down by right-wing conservative fusionism. Quick to make moral equivalence between groups whose tactics they may disagree w/ versus groups who support actual fascist state power against free speech. The clear and present threat to free speech is not the antifa. It is the Trump Administration.