Returning education to the state and citizens

Source: Independent Institute
by Vicki E Alger

“President Donald Trump has called for major changes to federal education policy. During his bid for the White House, he vowed to cut wasteful federal spending on education while preserving funding for services; he pledged to champion school choice; and he promised to return educational policymaking to the state and local level. ‘We cannot have the bureaucrats in Washington telling you how to manage your child’s education,’ he said in a television campaign ad. All of these goals can be accomplished during the Trump administration, but not without a major overhaul of the US Department of Education (ED).” [editor’s note: Instead of returning education to the states, and to citizens as a group, why not return it — all of it, including financing — to the people actually involved? Separate school and state! – TLK] (04/20/17)