Obama makes first post-presidency public appearance

Source: USA Today

“Three months after leaving the White House, former president Barack Obama stepped back into the spotlight Monday to encourage young people to become civically engaged while lamenting the increasing polarization of American politics. And he did it without uttering the words: Donald Trump. In his first post-presidency public appearance, Obama — while expressing concern that the current political environment is turning off Americans — notably managed to steer clear of critiquing President Trump and stick to the tradition of former presidents giving their predecessors space in the early days of an administration. … In the lead-up to Monday’s forum, aides to the former president said Obama’s intent was to discuss issues with the students based on his own views and priorities that shaped his presidency. During the more than hour-long appearance, Obama spent most of the forum quizzing the young panelists about their ideas for getting fellow young Americans more engaged in politics and shaping policy.” (04/24/17)