WI: Inmate died after guards kept water from him for a week

Source: Washington Post

“Just a few hours into Terrill Thomas’s eighth day in solitary confinement at the Milwaukee County Jail last year, correction officers found the 38-year-old man on the ground and not moving. He was dead. Thomas had spent his final days begging for water, inmates later told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, because jail staff had shut off the flow to the pipes in his cell as punishment for bad behavior. The cause of death was ultimately ruled ‘profound dehydration’ and the medical examiner classified it a homicide — meaning death at the hands of others — an announcement that drew a torrent of rage from Sheriff David Clarke, a tough-talking and loyal President Trump surrogate. Still, nearly a year later, no criminal charges have been filed in Thomas’s death. But an inquest this week by prosecutors could shed more light on the circumstances of the case, whether someone should be held responsible and, if so, who and for what.” [hat tip — David Klaus] [editor’s note: Clarke is the idiotic two-bit tyrant who had a guy detained for noticing that he was wearing a non-Wisconsin football team’s jersey on game day and asking why – TLK) (04/25/17)