France: Regime says Syrian chemical attack bears Assad’s signature

Source: Los Angeles Times

“France’s foreign ministry says deadly sarin gas used in a chemical attack in Syria earlier this month that killed 87 people ‘bears the signature’ of President Bashar Assad’s government. A six-page report by French intelligence services claims the nerve agent came from hidden stockpiles of chemical weapons that Damascus was supposed to have destroyed under an U.S- and Russia-brokered deal in 2013. The chemicals in the gas matched those from samples taken following a sarin attack in Syria in 2013 carried out by government helicopters.” [editor’s note: Who knows for sure, but the claim that 2013 attack was carried out by anti-Assad rebels using sarin from Turkey, not by Assad’s forces, seems plausible; combined with the report’s actual language, which merely claims that the sarin is “typical” of that produced by the regime’s labs (is there some “atypical” form of sarin produced elsewhere?), I’d say skepticism is still warranted – TLK] (04/26/17)