CT: Bill would allow cops to use killer drones

Source: NBC News

“The way some lawmakers in Connecticut see it, weaponized drones represent a future for policing — and could be a necessary option in moments when lives are at stake. That’s why a bill making its way through the state legislature would be the first in the nation to explicitly allow police to add lethal weapons to drones. The bill, H.B. 7260, moved overwhelmingly out of the Judiciary Committee last month and must pass the state’s House and Senate before the session ends in early June. It’s unclear whether this incarnation will go as far as the governor’s desk, lawmakers say, after previous legislation on the topic failed to gain traction in recent years. Civil liberties groups are urging caution on the measure, citing concerns over privacy and when force would be used.” [editor’s note: Bad idea, but I guess it’s OK — as long as the bill also respects the rights of mere civilians to deploy such weaponry. Oh, it doesn’t? No deal, then – TLK] (04/27/17)