CA: In dog bites man news, politicians are still appalled that they don’t run every aspect of everyone’s lives

Source: Washington Post

“California is trying to get control of its unruly medical marijuana industry. State regulators released draft regulations Friday intended to impose order on the loosely organized marketplace created over two decades ago. The proposal would establish the first comprehensive rules for growing, testing, transporting and selling medical pot in the state that is home to 1 in 8 Americans. Voters last year agreed to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults in 2018. The state is faced with the challenging task of trying to govern a vast, emerging cannabis industry with a projected value of $7 billion. Similar rules are being created for the recreational industry.” [editor’s note: How about a constitutional amendment — “the state legislature shall make no law respecting, or infringing on the freedom of Californians to engage in, the cultivation, sale or use of cannibas.” Problem solved – TLK] (04/28/17)

  • MamaLiberty

    Why limit that to cannabis? I have an even better idea. A constitutional amendment that removes the ability of the legislature to infringe on the freedom of Californians to defend their lives, keep what they earn, make their own decisions about educating their children, whom and how they will marry or cohabit… whom and at what wage they will hire others… stuff like that. No such luck, of course. Californians (and so many others) are much too busy living off loot stolen from everyone else, and minding everyone else’s business.