What does it take to convict a cop?

Source: Mother Jones
by Michael Sokolove

“Of all the police shootings that had been captured by citizens, this one was the most shocking. To many observers, it was unambiguous: An unarmed black man runs. A white cop coldly takes aim, shoots him multiple times in the back, and then appears to plant evidence — the Taser, which [Michael] Slager had retrieved from where they had scuffled — beside the body. … It is customary for police to close ranks around a colleague who is involved in a questionable shooting, but the emergence of Santana’s video three days after the incident made Slager a pariah. … It seemed as though the whole episode might finally answer the question: What does it take to convict a cop of murder? In early December, however, a jury of 12 citizens said it was unable to reach a consensus about Slager’s guilt or innocence — even on a lesser charge of manslaughter.” (04/17)