Trump regime hints at meeting with Kim, but sends B-1 bombers on flights over Korean peninsula

Source: CNN

“US Air Force B-1 bombers have flown over the Korean Peninsula twice in the past seven days — a move that has drawn sharp criticism from North Korea amid rising tensions in the region. On Monday, two US B-1 bombers departed Andersen Air Force base in Guam and conducted a joint drill with South Korea and Japan’s air forces over the Korean Peninsula, according to the US Air Force. Separately, two B-1 bombers also flew over South Korea on April 26, a US defense official confirmed. … The second of the two flights came on the same day President Donald Trump said he would be willing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ‘under the right circumstances’ to defuse tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear program. No sitting US president has ever met with the leader of North Korea while in power, and the idea is extremely controversial.” (05/02/17)