Sweden: Assange lawyer asks court to drop arrest warrant

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar]

“Public statements by US officials saying the United States wanted the arrest of Julian Assange are grounds for Sweden to repeal the WikiLeaks founder’s arrest warrant, his lawyer said on Wednesday. … Lawyer Per Samuelsson said the US had now openly said it wants to arrest Assange. ‘Given that the US is obviously hunting him now, he has to make use of his political asylum and it is Sweden’s duty to make sure that Sweden is no longer a reason for the fact he has to stay in the embassy,’ Samuelsson said. … Samuelsson said Sweden’s Supreme Court had previously rejected a similar request for the detention order to be torn up on the grounds that there was little chance that Assange would be handed over to the US. ‘With the Supreme Court’s own reasoning, his detention should now be rescinded because we can now prove that the US is hunting Julian Assange,’ he said.” (05/03/17)