Duterte’s murder model is the US government

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“What’s the media’s beef with Duterte? No, not that he is waging the war on drugs. Most members of the U.S. mainstream media believe in the war on drugs, just as he does. They want it to be waged. They believe that people who ingest harmful substances should be arrested, prosecuted, jailed, fined, and punished by the state. They want to win the war on drugs as much as Duterte does, and they have wanted to win it since its inception some 50 years ago or so. Their beef is with the way that Duterte is waging the war on drugs. He’s trying to win the war by purportedly ordering his forces to kill drug-law violators — both dealers and users — without going through the hassles of judicial proceedings.” (05/09/17)