Julian Assange offers James Comey a job because he “knows where bodies are buried”

Source: International Business Times

“Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, has reacted to the shock firing of FBI director James Comey by jokingly offering him a job. He also warned the dismissal will be an ‘extraordinary boon for transparency’ as a tsunami of leaks is now expected. ‘WikiLeaks would be happy to consider hiring James Comey to help lead its DC office should he like to properly investigate the US government,’ Assange said. … The FBI director made headlines last week (3 May) after describing WikiLeaks [as] ‘intelligence porn’ after it leaked sensitive data from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Comey had brushed off the suggestion press freedom would be at risk should Assange be arrested by US authorities for publishing classified material.” (05/10/17)